it’s beginning to taste a lot like christmas

This past Saturday, my little Main-Street-USA town hosted its annual Christmas parade.  I look forward to this event each year, as it marks the introduction of the holiday season.  Hubs was up and at’em early, since he had to gather his band together to march, and I had a few hours in between the parade and my mom and my mother-in-law both joining me for … Continue reading it’s beginning to taste a lot like christmas

putting some spice back into the wintry nights

There is nothing like curry to bring some spice back into your wintry nights.  After a slew of traditional flavorings on ye olde tastebuds and a sky that’s been filled with the promise of snow, it’s been time to warm things up a bit in the kitchen. With Thanksgiving gone and holiday baking a week or more away, along with the fact that hubs and I … Continue reading putting some spice back into the wintry nights

slow, cooked, and southern.

I have succumbed to my slow cooker. And why not? It’s getting cold outside, kiddos.  Cold to warrant a wool coat with sweaters and jeans hiding underneath. It’s also *holiday shopping time* according to commercial America, even though we haven’t even APPROACHED our gobble-gobble day of giving thanks yet!! Ugh…but that’s for another blog…. Since my husband has his weekends back, we are doing normal, … Continue reading slow, cooked, and southern.

pantry raid?

Sundays are always our last chance to be lazy. Football, napping, napping while the game is on, going for a drive, vegging around the house–all prime Sunday post-morning activities. So who in their right mind would want to slave over a hot stove on such a deliriously delightful time of ease and respite? I wanted something delicious and homemade for dinner, but I didn’t want to … Continue reading pantry raid?