Where to Eat in Lynchburg on Thanksgiving

If you’re not up to wrangling a turkey, if you want to avoid doing any dishes AT ALL, or if you simply want to enjoy a quiet meal out on the town, you’ll want to know which restaurants are open on Thanksgiving. My family recently moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, which is a fairly traditional, family-oriented town, so I thought most of the restaurants would be … Continue reading Where to Eat in Lynchburg on Thanksgiving

Daylight Savings Time & Children

A Mother’s Perspective On Saving Time: We’re about to finish our first week of “spring forward,” also known as Daylight Savings Time, better known as The Week Parents Dread Every Spring. Since our children are notoriously bad sleepers, I spent more time than I should have psyching myself out over this time change—after all, one kiddo going off schedule is hard enough on weary parents, … Continue reading Daylight Savings Time & Children

Sweet potatoes and schnitzel cordon bleu?

It’s a big day, kids! Not only is today the day that I reveal to you the official first recipe of Feeding Farley, today appears to be the true first day of fall to me.  It’s nearly blustering, and the sky has been fading from sunny to grey all day, and rain clouds visited us mid-morning—PERFECT for our reading of Poe in my second period … Continue reading Sweet potatoes and schnitzel cordon bleu?