pantry raid?

Sundays are always our last chance to be lazy. Football, napping, napping while the game is on, going for a drive, vegging around the house–all prime Sunday post-morning activities. So who in their right mind would want to slave over a hot stove on such a deliriously delightful time of ease and respite? I wanted something delicious and homemade for dinner, but I didn’t want to … Continue reading pantry raid?

the south does it better

When you are married to a band director, and when it’s autumn, you will always feel like you have more free time than your spouse, no matter what you do for a living.  Marching band season puts high demands on my man’s time. Today was hubs’ first completely band-free weekend in months–MONTHS I SAY!!!– so we had major plans. And I had a major surprise!  … Continue reading the south does it better

adam sandler serenades me in the kitchen…i mean…

Farley hasn’t met a food he doesn’t much care for (except for maybe cauliflower), and while we go out for Thai and Indian, and grab sushi whenever we can, I daresay my hubs is a comfort-food man. He also does not typically support ‘meatless dinners.’ So on a night where I might have otherwise torn open a box of Fruit Loops (definitely meatless) and gone … Continue reading adam sandler serenades me in the kitchen…i mean…

a real cabbage patch kid

Are you a………………………cabbage eater? (I mean, an outside-of coleslaw cabbage eater?) I approach a risky food with you today… cabbage. I myself didn’t even touch it until, oh, about three months ago? I get this feeling that there are plenty of adults who are still afraid of this delightful, beautiful veggie. (It’s seriously beautiful…….once I cut into it, I was in awe of the gorgeous, intricate … Continue reading a real cabbage patch kid

punky is sweet, and so is her chicken

Leaves change hues, I need a jacket, and we’re trading the grill for the oven since we’re too pansy to cook in the cold night air:  it’s for sure fall at the Farley house.  I should let it be known that usually, when it comes to feeding Farley, he likes to partake in some of the cooking at home.  He happens, as per stereotype, to … Continue reading punky is sweet, and so is her chicken