a quick and easy way to wow a man…with food

When you have spent several days at a conference filled with teachers and it’s the night before conferences of the parent-teacher variety, you really don’t feel like spending lots of time cooking Sunday dinner. That said, you also don’t want to do a frozen pizza or take-out anything since you have been eating out for three days straight. What is one to do? Consult a … Continue reading a quick and easy way to wow a man…with food

slow, cooked, and southern.

I have succumbed to my slow cooker. And why not? It’s getting cold outside, kiddos.  Cold to warrant a wool coat with sweaters and jeans hiding underneath. It’s also *holiday shopping time* according to commercial America, even though we haven’t even APPROACHED our gobble-gobble day of giving thanks yet!! Ugh…but that’s for another blog…. Since my husband has his weekends back, we are doing normal, … Continue reading slow, cooked, and southern.

pantry raid?

Sundays are always our last chance to be lazy. Football, napping, napping while the game is on, going for a drive, vegging around the house–all prime Sunday post-morning activities. So who in their right mind would want to slave over a hot stove on such a deliriously delightful time of ease and respite? I wanted something delicious and homemade for dinner, but I didn’t want to … Continue reading pantry raid?

the salad my brother-in-law will actually eat

It turns out that very few men in my family eat salads. My baby brother is incredibly finicky and drowns his salad in dressing and pulls out pieces that look too crunchy—or as he calls them, ‘hard’–and the bowl winds up looking like soup-and-salad. The older of my two brothers…..well, I’ve never seen him eat a salad before, actually.  And the same goes for my … Continue reading the salad my brother-in-law will actually eat

now introducing risotto

My husband generally refuses to believe that a meal without meat can actually be a meal, unless we’re talking about breakfast…until now. Introducing:  risotto. Comfort food came in the form of pot roast the just yesterday—but now it comes in a vegetarian and delicious kind of way.  Moral?  Comfort food on a cold night can mean different things to different people, but I dare you, … Continue reading now introducing risotto

the south does it better

When you are married to a band director, and when it’s autumn, you will always feel like you have more free time than your spouse, no matter what you do for a living.  Marching band season puts high demands on my man’s time. Today was hubs’ first completely band-free weekend in months–MONTHS I SAY!!!– so we had major plans. And I had a major surprise!  … Continue reading the south does it better