it’s beginning to taste a lot like christmas

This past Saturday, my little Main-Street-USA town hosted its annual Christmas parade.  I look forward to this event each year, as it marks the introduction of the holiday season.  Hubs was up and at’em early, since he had to gather his band together to march, and I had a few hours in between the parade and my mom and my mother-in-law both joining me for … Continue reading it’s beginning to taste a lot like christmas

a cake you can eat without having to put your big-girl pants on

I have always wondered why chocolate is never a featured dessert on a Thanksgiving table.  Sure, it’s time to celebrate the harvest of pumpkins and apples, but in my world, chocolate is never out of season. My Frazer side of the family celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday night, and Mom asked specifically if I would bake a non-pumpkin dessert, since my sister-in-law doesn’t like pumpkin.  I … Continue reading a cake you can eat without having to put your big-girl pants on

the south does it better

When you are married to a band director, and when it’s autumn, you will always feel like you have more free time than your spouse, no matter what you do for a living.  Marching band season puts high demands on my man’s time. Today was hubs’ first completely band-free weekend in months–MONTHS I SAY!!!– so we had major plans. And I had a major surprise!  … Continue reading the south does it better

brown sugar + sparkle city

This little Yankee girl ventured down to good ole Jefferson City, Tennessee to study English here and, as you might anticipate, met of lot of friends who hailed from the South.  My roommate Jenny came from a solid Spartanburg,  South Carolina  family of six and a mama who sure can cook.  When we got a first apartment, I was ecstatic:  we could cook and have friends … Continue reading brown sugar + sparkle city