Where to Eat in Lynchburg on Thanksgiving

If you’re not up to wrangling a turkey, if you want to avoid doing any dishes AT ALL, or if you simply want to enjoy a quiet meal out on the town, you’ll want to know which restaurants are open on Thanksgiving.

My family recently moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, which is a fairly traditional, family-oriented town, so I thought most of the restaurants would be closed on Thanksgiving in order to let their employees have time with their own families.  Then I remembered #BlackFridaycreep and #overcommercialism and #shoppingonThursday and thought the better of my initial idea:  people  who shop are people who gotta EAT!


Whether you and yours are solo in the area  or have a tradition of dining out on Turkey Day, or whether you’re just going to be a hungry shopper,  I’ve compiled a list of 15–count’em, 15!!–local Lynchburg restaurants that will serve diners on Thanksgiving Day. Click the link below to see where you can get your turkey and all your fixins.

Gobble gobble!




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