The New Feeding Farley

When I started this blog a few years ago, I was a newlywed with loads of spare time to devote cooking for my superhubbahubba hubby.

While I still love to try out new recipes and even keep track of it all (in a polka-dotted notebook, of course), I don’t have those loads of spare time anymore, and I’m not cooking for just the two of us.

Nope, didn’t open up a trendy tea shop or anything like that.  I had a baby! And love him to pieces, he’s the reason Feeding Farley went on a short demise–what can I say? Morning sickness that lasts for five months sure is a !@#^&  and doesn’t leave one inclined toward spending time in the kitchen.

Just when things started to settle down a bit (meaning our beloved boy started sleeping through the night….a little…at nine months old), we found out that I was having baby boy Farley #2.

Ten months have passed since that little fella’s arrival and in the meantime this stay-at-home/work-at-home momma has been freelance writing for clients all over the world. You’ve probably even read some of my work and didn’t even know it (since I take on ghostwriting projects. Boo!).

No matter how much I enjoy being able to use freelance writing as meaningful way to contribute to my family’s income, there’s nothing like writing for yourself, hence the rebirth of Feeding Farley.

The new Feeding Farley will continue to post the occasional recipe and let you know if it’s a yay or nay, but it will more frequently share stories, insights, and moments that come naturally from nurturing and nourishing a family.

Stay tuned and welcome back, dear readers.


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